Top 5 Best Mosquito Killer App for Android in 2021

Hello readers, are you guys looking for the Best Mosquito Killer App for Android in 2021? If your answer is yes then we want to tell you that this is the best website for you. Here, we have shared the top 5 best anti mosquito apps along with their complete details. Also, we have provided download links of all those apps. Keep reading if you want to know about those apps.

Top 5 Best Mosquito Killer App

We all know that nowadays the death of people due to diseases spread by mosquitoes is increasing very fast. There are many organizations which are doing their best to spread awareness to keep the houses clean and recommend using some liquids to keep mosquitoes away from your place. This is really one of the best ways to keep yourself away from mosquitos. There are many other methods people adopt to avoid mosquitoes and one of them is to use the best mosquito killer app for Android.

Best Mosquito Killer Apps

We all are aware that mosquito-borne diseases should not be ignored anymore because nowadays a large number of people have been infected and killed. To protect yourself from mosquitoes, you can use the best mosquito repellent apps on your Android smartphone. We know you might find it strange how an app can protect you from deadly diseases spread by mosquitoes, but it is possible to some extent.

By the way, you should know that the World Health Organisation (WHO) also said that the Mosquito-borne diseases prove to be fatal and one can take precautions like nets and coils to protect oneself from these diseases. Also, many people use mosquito repellents to protect their surroundings from mosquitoes. There are many electric-based repellents that use a catalyst to attract mosquitoes and kill them with an electric shock.

Just like this, there are some sound-based repellents available on the internet that can repel mosquitoes to some extent. Below in this article we have listed some of the best mosquito repellents that can repel mosquitoes. 

Now you must be wondering whether sound is also effective in repelling mosquitoes? Let’s know this first. 

Can sound repel mosquitoes?

You must understand that there are different hearing ranges for humans, animals or other creatures in this world. Humans can only hear sounds ranging from 20 to 20 kHz. In the case of mosquitoes, they hear higher sound frequencies.

Now, you will understand the concept behind sound repellent. It produces a loud sound which can only be heard by insects (mosquitoes) and this sound disturbs them which forces them to run away. These applications which we have mentioned in this article will generate Mosquito repellent sound ranges of 14KHz to 33KHZ to repel mosquitoes.

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As we get older we tend to lose hearing ranges that are higher in the human hearing range from 14KHz to 20KHz, which means these applications are not problematic. But if you are with kids then you should be careful while using the app as it may irritate them.

Let us now check out the list of top 5 best mosquito repellent mobile apps for Android that works based on positive reviews from users.

5 Best Mosquito Killer Application for Android 2021

It might seem strange to others that using a phone app you can repel mosquitoes around you. But now that you are fully aware of these mosquito repellent apps then probably you would like to know which is the best mosquito killer app for android. Below we have shared the top 5 apps that you can use for mosquito repellent on your device. We have also provided the download links of those apps.

Anti Mosquito

Best Mosquito Killer Apps

This is our first mosquito repellent app on the list which is anti-mosquito. This app generates a highly effective sound frequency as it has ranged from 12KHz to 22KHz and you can choose the highest sound range for better mosquito repellency. However, you can easily adjust the frequencies based on your surroundings. And you can also download this app on your Android and iOS devices. The best part is that you don’t have to spend your money to buy anything, every feature is free. This app is the oldest and most effective of the Pico brothers.


Ultrasound Barrier

Best Mosquito Killer Apps

Another best Mosquito Killer App 2021 is Ultrasound Barrier. This android app not only generates mosquito repellent sound but it also generates different sound ranges for other animals. This application provides a sound frequency between 15KHz to 20KHz. You can adjust the frequencies like Dog at 18KHz, flies at 16KHz, Cat at 19KHz, Rat at 20KHz, Mosquito at 17KHz. Even you can use it on youngsters at 15kHz but we recommend you not to use it on youngsters as it may cause them headache or some significant effect.

You can download it on your android and iOS devices for free. We have provided the Download link below. Also this app contains no in-app purchases. The app is user friendly as it uses the Cocos2dx platform.


Beltone Tinnitus Calmer

Best Mosquito Killer Apps

Our third best mosquito killer app 2021 in the list is Beltone Tinnitus Calmer. This isn’t just an anti-mosquito sound app but also a sound-based mosquito repellent. Although the app makes for calming the persistent tinnitus sound in your ear, it can also repel mosquitoes because you can manage the frequencies. But some people are unable to manage its frequency and they feel irritated.

The advanced feature of this Beltone Tinnitus Calmer app is you can listen to any music from your device while using this app. And, music sound compensates for your hearing ability with this app. There are lots of positive reviews about this app on Google PlayStore and Apple Store. You can download it from Playstore for Android devices and Apple Store for iOS devices.


Mosquito Sound

Best Mosquito Killer Apps

This is our next mosquito repellent app in the list which is known as Mosquito Sound. The interface of this Mosquito Sound application is quite simple. You can easily understand how to use this app after opening it on your device. But you should know that the concept of this app is unique. The app produces the sound of the wings of male mosquitoes because only female mosquitoes can bite us and once they breed, they repel male mosquitoes. And this app is available on Android devices only.


Frequency Generator – Audio Tools & Ultrasound

Best Mosquito Killer Apps

This is the last Mosquito repellent app which we have mentioned in this list. And this is known as Frequency Generator – Audio Tools & Ultrasound. You should know that this Frequency Generator app isn’t a simple Mosquito repellent app that works for mosquitoes and other flies. It is an advanced level frequency generator that can produce ranges from 1 Hz (infrasound) to 22000 Hz (ultrasound). There is a wide range of applications such as speaker cleaner, bass testing, music notes, and much more where this app is useful.

If you can hear sounds up to 50 kHz then you can use this mosquito killer app on your device. Otherwise, we would never recommend you to use this app in your place. Also, if there are a lot of mosquitoes and insects in your place, then you can use it to repel them from your place. This app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we have shared some of the most frequently asked questions along with their correct answers which might clear some of your doubts. These questions were asked by our old readers and we have answered those questions. You can ask your questions in the comment section, we would love to answer you.

Q: Is a smartphone app enough to repel mosquitoes?

A: No, it is not fully proven that the sound frequency can repel mosquitoes. The research on this thing is still not complete so we can’t guarantee that these apps will keep mosquitoes away. But there is a high chance that it will work and keep the mosquitoes away.

Q: What is the best anti mosquito app?

A: There are a lot of anti mosquito apps available on the internet for android and smartphone but not every app is best to use. In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 Best Mosquito Killer Apps for Android in 2021 which you can use to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

Q: Are Mosquitoes Attracted by Cell Phone Light?

A: is a big misconception that has gone viral among us that cell phone light can attract mosquitoes. But the reality is that light neither attracts nor repels mosquitoes.

Q: Are there any side effects caused by these smartphone repellent applications?

A: There are not such harmful effects of using these repellent applications on your smartphone. But you must be careful when using it in front of children and pets as it can irritate them a lot.

Wrapping It Up

We have shared almost everything about the mosquito repellent technology which will surely help you to understand how these mosquito repellent applications work. However this technology is still not proven. But many people found these apps useful in repelling mosquitoes.  

You can download any mosquito killer app from our Top 5 Best Mosquito Killer Apps. If you read this article completely then we don’t think you will face any problem in using this app. Thanks for reading till the end.

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