How To Add Roles In Discord [Full Guide]

Hello Gamers, are you confused about adding roles to the discord server? If Yes then don’t worry, we have got an updated guide for you to manage roles in your Discord chat server. This guide on “how to add roles in discord” is really helpful for the administrators and discord channel owners. So let’s know this now.

A general guide on How to add roles in discord:

Discord is the largest chat server and might be difficult for you to manage everything by yourself, so now with easy steps you can give different roles and reduce your work.

Why do you not use this excellent ability that discord provides for managing roles?

A basic guide for managing roles of discord is:-

Let’s get started and see how to add roles in Discord. In the end, we have some frequently asked questions by users to help you effectively manage your Discord roles. These questions and answers will surely clear your doubts.

  • Creating the discord roles
  • Assigning the roles

Let’s move to each one by one.

Creating The Discord Roles

The most important factor in managing its users effectively is to create a new role for the discord server. If you create roles before inviting users to the server, it will be easier to manage for you. To improve the performance of the roles, you can always edit them and reconfigure them. Let’s start with the steps now!  

Step 1: First of all, log in to Discord and get access to your server by adding the details correctly.

Step 2: You’ll see a small drop-down arrow on the left side top-corner just right of your server name, click on that. Further click on “Server Settings”, the second option in the list.

Step 3: In the server settings page, click on “Roles”, then you will see the single role “@everyone” in the left panel.

Step 4: Just above the list or the top center of the Panel, there would be an “+” icon to add the role, click on that.

Step 5: A box will appear, Name the role in the descriptive box and add the color of your choice just for clarification.

Step 6: Review all 32 permissions that appear and choose any one of them which you want to assign to that role. And then, click on the “Save Changes” button in the bottom left.

In any case, if you forgot to save the changes then you’ll see a dialog box on your screen to save the changes.

Repeat these same steps for all the roles you want to create and assign the permissions accordingly.

Allow these permissions and the description very carefully as these are different and create a hierarchy in the server.

Assigning The Roles

Assigning the roles to the members of the team is very easy, you just need to be sure which role you want to allow to which member. This decision is important so to assign roles to your Discord server from the Discord mobile app, log in to your Discord server, and follow the instructions below. These instructions are the same for the Discord desktop app as well.

Step 1:  In the same way (mentioned above) open “Server Settings”, scroll down to the user management section, click on the “Members” option.

How to add roles in Discord

Step 2: Choose the name of the users you want to assign roles to your Discord server.

Step 3: Now you’ve to tap on the checkbox in the roles section on the particular role you want that member to be allotted.

Step 4: Now you’ve successfully assigned the role to that member in your Discord server.

Nowadays, adding new roles and assigning them to members in the Discord server is easy for everyone. You might still be having some questions or sometimes you might get stuck on a few things. So for that, we’ve shared some of the most frequently asked questions below with their correct answers, maybe this will help you to clear your queries/doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Is it possible to assign roles on discord automatically or do I have to assign them every time?

Ans: No worries! Roles can be assigned by a bot automatically, you don’t have to do them. To manage a discord server for humans sometimes becomes really hectic and overwhelming. However, Bot is one of the best support an admin can get. Nevertheless, you can also add other admins to help out or the discord server bots you can choose. You can check out how to add a bot to the discord server.

Que: How can I add a role in discord 2021?

Ans: We have properly explained about this in our post. You should read the post till the end, you will get to know how easy it is to add a role in Discord 2021. You will surely find our post helpful as it has already helped many Discord users.

Que: What is OwO in the discord server, is this an automated role?

Ans: OwO is an automatic bot created by discord User Scuttler#0001. This bot is created to just add amusing and social commands on the server. This bot maintains the entertainment experience on the discord server. This is just to create unity in server chat.

Que: The server owner created me as an Admin, but I still can’t manage the server. What’s wrong with it?

Ans: If the owner of the server created you as an admin and still if you are unable to make changes to the server, this probably is because they might have not turned on all the permissions under your role. So to correct it you can contact the server owner and ask them to verify that they have given all the permissions under your role.

Final Thoughts

Well, Role Management is one of the important factors in keeping things organized; the same way role management for discord servers is important to manage its number of users together.

You have the list of 32 permissions to allot to different roles, however, roles have a limit of 250. You can create 250 different roles on a server. Possibly you can create different combinations of permission but you might be specific as if you create combinations for all you will get out of roles. So be specific and sure while choosing the permission you give to that role.

And we hope this article helped you to understand How to add roles in discord. There are some of the other things on the discord application that are new for you and you need to learn. We have covered various discord topics as well on GONOWTECH so that gamers can easily manage their discord servers.

Hope this was helpful to you!

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