How to donate on Twitch account

Twitch is an amazing platform to watch and stream games, that were launched in 2011 aiming mainly at the gamers and their audience. Since the launch year, Twitch gained a massive number of users of 3.8 million with unique broadcasters who live stream not only about games but also live music and other skills. This platform is one of the best ways to telecast your talents to a live audience. You can watch people live to stream their gaming sessions and subscribe to their channel if they are your favorite gamers. You can also cheer up your favorite gamers by donating them how much ever possible. There are various ways one can donate to the Twitch platform. Let me guide you about How to donate on Twitch account with step-by-step instructions.

How to donate on Twitch account

How to support the channel?

The first method to donate is via real cash, which will help the streamers, and they will use it to promote their content more efficiently.

Step 1: Load the twitch website on your device

To donate to this website, you must have the app on your pc or your mobile. Twitch app is available in the play store and apple store, so both android and ios users will be able to download it.

Step 2: Find your favorite streamer

Once you get your app on your device, you can start watching game streaming, and you can follow your favorite channel by subscribing to them so that you will be notified of their recent activities.

Step 3: Find the donation button

At the page of your favorite channel, scroll down to find a button that says donate. You need to be aware that the donation once made cannot be refunded for legal purposes. Therefore while donating, make sure you contribute only how much ever possible.

Step 4: Fill in donation details

After clicking the donation page, the page to fill in the donation details appears. Fill in those details carefully. This is the place you will mention your donation amount along with the donation message. After doing this, click on the donation button on the bottom.

Step 5: Final payment:

Finish up the details and finalize your payment. Once the payment is done, the gamer you have donated to will get notified about the amount. If this is done, then the donation process is over.

Note: Sometimes, the channel you subscribed to may not have the donation button below. This gives you a clear message that the gamer will not permit any more donations from you.

This is the first method to donate on Twitch account. Using this method, you can donate your amount to the desired channel you have subscribed. There is another way to help support your twitch streamer.

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Donating through “Bits”

Step 1: Get the twitch website:

First, you need to get the twitch website on your mobile or your pc and log in to your page.

Step 2: Go to the streamer channel:

Find your favorite streamer and start streaming it.

Step 3: Get your bits:

At the home page near your profile, there appears a button that says  “get bits”. It is present at the top right corner of your channel. Click on it. Purchase the number of bits you want.

Step 4: Donate it:

Once you finished purchasing the bits, you can donate them now. This can be done simply by typing “cheer”, along with the number of bits you would like to donate. For example, if u like to donate about 1000 bits to your streamer, then type Cheer1000. Also one of the easiest ways to donate or show support to your streamer, so that he or she will be encouraged to come up with good entertaining content.

What does subscribing to one’s channel mean to them?

Well, you might wonder how does subscribe to one’s channel can be useful to them. Well, when you subscribe to your desired streamer he might get 3$ to 5$ as pay. Once subscribed there are various advantages for the subscribers like one can watch the live stream without any disturbances like pop-up ads also will get access to chatting facilities and emote features which are exclusively available only for the subscribers.

Therefore subscribing to one’s channel is a great way of supporting the streamers. Also, the subscription cost changes according to the tier class of the streamer. Twitch has about 3 tiers. Tier 1 costs $4.99 Tier 2 costs $9.99 and Tier 3 costs for $24.99. The last two tiers were added in 2017. The streamers provide you with exclusive perks for the subscription.

There are a lot of people who like to support their favorite creators by donating them but they have no idea how to do this. For all of them, we have written this article on How to donate on Twitch account in a few steps. If you read this article properly, you’ll get to know this.

Do streamers earn through this?

Yes of course streamers will earn money by creating quality content and the donations and subscriptions help them to grow more in this field. But unlike the donations where the entire amount entitled for them will be received by the streamer the amount one gets via subscription will be cut because twitch might make some money since the platform provides an opportunity for the streamer. He won’t receive the entire cost.

Final words:

Those who haven’t heard about this app must have realized that they are missing some of the best parts of their lives. Twitch is one of the best game streaming apps which entertains both those who watch the streaming and also the streamer. From this paragraph, we also get to know how the streamers earn from this app. Gamers who got to know about this app just now. Then it’s a must-visit app to check out or if you have any plans for streaming this app is a must. Donating and subscribing to these channels is the best way to support the up-and-coming channels. It also motivates them to create better content next time and will let them know that you appreciate their craft.

We hope you found our article on How to donate on Twitch account very helpful. We have tried to explain all the things related to this topic here in a simple. You can share this post link with your friends who also want to know this. And visit again to our website for more posts like this.

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