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Gamers out there heard about Twitch? If you have not, then you are missing some major part of your life. Today we have talked about the Twitch app and how to host in Twitch. This article will teach you some new things about Twitch, so be sure to read it to the end. You’ll surely learn something new here.

Twitch is the most popular streaming app that is popular among gamers and other streamers since 2011. Twitch has a massive gain of 3.8 million users until now. This website is not only about streaming games, one can also watch live videos of streamers cooking or live music events and game tournaments played by world-famous gaming masters. Twitch also offers this amazing option of hosting another streamer’s video, which will help other streamers to gain more followers and popularity. These are called host parties. This is usually done so that small-scale gamers might get some experience in broadcasting and for promotional purposes. It will also help the streamers to form new connections and exchange ideas and collaborate.

Organizing host parties are a great way to perform charity streams. Some artists also perform live music festivals, and other performers can join in as guest appearances on Twitch TV. If you have heard of SGDQ and EVO, you can find them streaming and hosted in online. Overall, one can enjoy live streaming, along with chatting in the chatbox, and the streamers will also gain more subscribers.

One can host on to Twitch in three different ways. Hosting is very much a high participation activity.

  • By using the chatbox method.
  • With the help of a mobile host. Also, this feature cannot be spotted in Android.
  • By enabling the auto host mode.

What is host mode?

Host mode gives the ability for the host to change the live streaming to some other channel, either pre-recorded or live without changing the chat settings of the audience, and by this way, the viewers are exposed to new content and new streamers whose channels one can go and subscribe to later after the host party if you like. Any broadcaster can host another channel’s videos. The process will seem to reflect an embedded player. Now let us see how to host someone via your account.

Starting a host party:

  • One of the simplest ways to start is to start a host party. This is done by inviting other creators via chatbox.
  • And then open your chatbox, select the streamer from the list of yours.
  • Copy and paste the streamer name on your chatbox and add /host in front of it. (/hostusername)
How to host in Twitch
  • You can also add more than one streamer, and this could be done by using the host command. 
  • However, one can use this host command only thrice. Only three streamers can be added.
  • This is how one can host another streamer video live or recorded by using the following steps carefully.
  • To stop hosting another Twitch user’s channel, type “/unhost” into the chat field, without quotation marks.
How to unhost in Twitch

How to Host in Twitch via mobile app:

You can host a Twitch channel not only through a pc but also through a mobile app. Though the app option is present in both android and iPhone users the hosting option is available only for iPhone users. One advantage of hosting through your mobile is that you do not have to constantly monitor and watch the streaming, you can also move around and let the streaming be done even without one’s constant supervision.

  • First of all you have to download Twitch app from App Store.
  • Now, go to the page where you can find the little gear icon on the top left side of the page.
  • If you tap on the gear icon, you will find a menu bar popping up.
  • There will be lots of options like followers, subs, gifted subs, etc. You can findtThe feature at the list’s bottom.
  • Now find the channel you want and click on it and start streaming it.

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How to Auto host mode in Twitch

Twitch offers an amazing feature called auto hosting. This is one of the best ways to keep your subscribers engaged with entertainment activities. Auto host enables a streamer to automatically stream a selected channel’s video once the streamer goes offline. When one is playing live, the auto host mode is not necessary. But when a channel is in auto hosting mode, it will not appear on the live streaming section. Let us tell you how to enable the auto host mode in Twitch.

Enable auto host mode:

  • First, open Twitch and log in. Then, click the profile picture in the top-right corner.
  • Click on “Settings” from the menu that appears on your screen.
  • Now, click on the “Channels and Videos” option at the top of your settings page.
How to auto host in Twitch
  • You must scroll far down the page to find the “Auto Hosting” section. Here, click the “Auto host channels” toggle so it flips to the right.
  • When you have enabled auto-hosting, click “Host List” at the bottom.
How to host in Twitch
  • A page will apwhere you can add channels to your auto host list. You can add channels by searching for them and clicking “Add” when they appear. You can add as many channels as you like to this list.


Hosting has so many advantages. As it brings exposure, promotes content, gains followers, closure within your community, and also keeps you active. Twitch also gives you the opportunity to host parties from wherever you are. The Online opportunities do not have time or place restrictions. It is a great feature that Twitch offers to its users.

It is a great feature that Twitch offers to its users. We hope that you have easily understood how to host in Twitch with the help of our post. You can share this post with your friends who want to know about this. Visit our website again for more such posts. Thank you.

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