How To Make Paper In Minecraft

Today we are sharing a guide on how to make paper in Minecraft. Read this entire article till the end to know about it properly. We have tried to explain everything about making paper in Minecraft so that you don’t have to get confused about it. Now let’s come to the topic.

Minecraft is an exploration-based game that largely focuses on crafting; it’s all about following recipes to create the stuff you’ll need to win. Although paper isn’t especially useful on its own, it is a crucial crafting component for a variety of Minecraft-related things. Everything from maps and books to bookshelves is made of it. So you’ll need to know how to get your hands on it.

Below, we’ll show you how to make paper and a variety of different products that need the use of paper.

How to make paper in Minecraft

Three Sugar Cane objects and a standard crafting table are required to manufacture the fundamental paper-making ingredient.

Here are the steps that you should follow for making paper in the Minecraft game-

1.  Locate The Sugarcane And Harvest It

Sugar Cane is a basic component, hence you won’t be able to craft it. You’ll need to locate a sugar cane plant and harvest it. Sugar cane plants are usually found near sources of water. You must break a sugar cane plant (tall and green) after you’ve discovered it to harvest it. Break the sugar cane plant the same way you would any other basic Minecraft material. This does not need any extra equipment. Quickly collect the Sugar Cane since they will vanish after a short time.

Sugarcane in Minecraft

2.  Preparing The Paper On the Crafting Table

Go to the crafting table and choose the crafting menu if you’ve acquired three or more sugar cane objects. You’ll need a 3×3 crafting grid on the crafting table to complete this task. Place the three sugar cane objects on the crafting grid’s middle row. Three units of sugar cane will generate three bits of Paper. Transfer the three Paper objects from the crafting menu’s right-most box to your inventory.

Now, your paper is ready. But, you won’t stop after making paper only. So, here are some steps by following which you can make a book.

  1. For a book, you need an extra thing apart from the paper that you have already made. That thing is leather for the cover.
  2. So, look for some horse or buffalo in Minecraft, from them you will get leather.
  3. Now, come in the inventory and take out your crafting table. Make a 3×3 grid on it.
  4. In the bottommost box of the first column, put a unit of leather, and add 3 bits of paper in the adjoining boxes to it.
  5. Now, your book is ready.
How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Paper In The Chest Loot

You can find readymade paper in some places in the Minecraft game. The first way to get paper is through chest loot. It can be found in shipwrecks in the supply chest in the front of the boat. There is a 49.4% chance of 1 to 12 and the shipwreck map chest which is the lower section in the back and the shipwreck map chest has an 89.4 chance for 1 to 10 bits of paper. The villager cartographer’s chest has a 61.2 percent chance of 1 to 5 and the stronghold library chest has an 89.2 percent chance for 2 to 7 bits of paper. Also, when the player has the hero of the village effect, cartographer villagers will either throw paper or maps at the players as gifts in the Java edition of Minecraft.

To get the hero of the village effect, you have to get the bad omen effect by killing a raid captain in a pillager patrol or pillager out spot.

When you have the bad omen effect and enter their village, it triggers a raid. The raid will come in the waves depending on your difficulty, these waves are composed of pillagers, vindicators, evokers, ravagers, and vexes. If you win a raid, you will get the hero of the village effect.

Banner patterns can be placed along with a dye on a banner. The recipe for banner patterns is an item and paper. A creeper head gets banner pattern creeper, oxeye daisy gets banner pattern flower, wither skeleton skull gets banner pattern skull, and enchanted gold apple gets banner pattern thing.

Firework Rockets In Minecraft

Firework stars can have different shapes, effects, or colors depending on how you craft them. The crafting recipe for a firework rocket is gun powder and papercrafts 3 firework rockets. Open your crafting table and put a bit of paper in the bottommost box of the third column. Then, add 3 gun powder units in the first two boxes of the second row and in the bottommost box of the first column. In the first box of the first column, add firework stars. Up to 7 firework stars can be added to give different colors to the firework rockets. Firework stars can be used as fireworks or to fly with elytra.

Village Traders For Paper

Villagers have 5 different levels of trades at you trade with them. They gain experience and level up unlocking 2 trades at each level. A cartographer at a novice level will buy 24 bits of paper for an emerald. The librarian villager at a beginner level has a ⅔ chance of having the same trade.

Cartography Table

The cartography table is another good application for Paper. Players simply need two pieces of paper and four wood boards to make a cartography table.

These tables may be used to zoom out of maps, add markers to maps, and serve as a job block for jobless Villagers who want to work as Cartographers.

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How to Make Awakening Paper in Minecraft

The Paper of Awakening is a Minecraft item that may be used to summon a Golem. This horde will behave in a similar way as wolves. It is friendly to you and shields you from attacking mobs. However, you can’t make the Paper of Awakening in standard Minecraft. You’ll need to install the Golem World PE mod if you want to play the Paper of Awakening.

  1. You’ll need four Redstone Dust items (discovered and mined before), four Glowstone Dust items, and one Paper item to make this item. Glowstone Dust is obtained by mining Glowstone Blocks, which may be found in the Nether naturally. It is usually formed in crystalline clusters. To mine it, you’ll need a Silk Touch tool. Kill Witch mobs instead for a chance to get a Glowstone.
  • Each corner of the square grid should have a Glowstone Dust. Finally, use Redstone Dust to fill the four remaining spots. In your inventory, place the Paper of Awakening.

Final words: There are a lot of things you can make in Minecraft and we have shared those things in other posts on our website. If you want to know about that then visit our GONOWTECH website. Also, share this post with your friends who want to know How to Make Paper in Minecraft. And if you want to ask anything from us then comment your queries below.

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