How To Raid On Twitch [Simple Way]

A Twitch raid is an interesting concept that’s a boon for new Twitch streamers. Twitch Raid is one of the best options that Twitch offers to its users to make it more useful. It is done by streamers who want to enable their audiences to explore a new channel or a new streamer after they finish their video streaming. One streamer uses the Twitch raiding feature to redirect the audience of one channel to another channel. Let’s see How to raid on Twitch in a simple way here.

Twitch Raiding

Twitch raiding helps increase the audience for a beginner-level streamer. Streamers are dependent to some extent on raiding to raise their view count on Twitch. A streamer who raids the audience for another streamer has no benefit by doing it. In return, if the owner of the channel from which the viewers were raided thinks of doing the streamer a favor, he or she can raid his or her audience back. By working together in this way as a community, beginner-level streamers can gain more viewers and followers for their channels. Even a well-established streamer can help newbie streamers by doing this Twitch raiding. Streamers, as well as viewers, benefit from it by discovering new interests. By Twitch raid, the channel owners or streamers can make an awesome community or network. 

The simple way to raid on Twitch:

We will now take a look step by step at how to raid the viewers to another live streamer or channel. Remember to let the crowd know before you begin that you will be raiding them.

  • First, type the command: /raid and the desired channel name which you’ll raid. For example, if you want to raid the viewers to a channel named “ABC”, you have to type in /raidABC.
How To Raid On The Twitch
  • Or else you can access the raid option by clicking on the “RAID CHANNEL” button available in the creator’s dashboard.
  • Now you can choose the desired channel from the provided list or search and find the streamer you want to raid using the search bar.
  • After that, a pop-up will appear with the option “RAID NOW”, after a 10-seconds countdown. It also exposes the number of raiders who are going to take part in the raid.
  • Once you are ready to raid the crowd, you can click on the “RAID NOW” option.
  • Otherwise, the viewers will be automatically redirected to the chosen channel after an 80-seconds long countdown.
  • If you want to cancel the raid, you have to hit the “CANCEL” button right within the 80-seconds timer.
How to raid someone on Twitch
  • The audience joining the streamer before the raid is started will also be raided to the selected channel.

Now, without a doubt, you will be the host of the channel you selected to raid your audience. You can change it after the raid is over. The target channel’s viewers will be notified of the number of raiders participating in addition.

How to manage raids on Twitch

There are also options for managing who can raid our channel. In order to prevent unwanted spamming from other streamers, you might want to opt out of who can raid your channel. Let us tell you how to manage raids on Twitch.

  • Go to Twitch Settings using the Profile icon given in the top right corner.
  • Select the option “Creator Dashboard” from the dropdown menu.
Creator Dashboard in Twitch
  • Now select the “Channel” button under the menu “Preferences”.
  • And then you can choose the option “Only Allow Raids From Friends, Teammates, And Followed Channels” to limit your incoming raids.
How To Raid On The Twitch

There are also two other options where you can “Allow All Raids” or “Block All Raids”. It is as easy as that to manage from whom you can allow raids. 

If you have missed out on notifications of the recent raids, we have got you covered! You can always view it by clicking on the “COG” button. This button is available in the bottom right corner of the chat settings. Choose the “Tasks” button in that and click on the “Review Recent Raids” option. In this way, you will never miss out on any raids!

After all, if you found the sent raid sent is abusive or offensive then you can report or ban that particular channel that did the raiding. You just have to tap on the “Cog” (Settings) icon in the chatbox. Then you will have to choose “Review Recent Raids” from the menu “Tasks”. After that, you can choose to “Report or Ban” the channel you found was inappropriate. They will never again be able to send raids to your channel. It’ll provide you a great relief.

Another issue is that the new raiders may post unfriendly comments in the chat. No one would like to appreciate such comments. Twitch also has the option to limit who could post comments in your chat. To enable the feature, select the “Settings gear” icon beside the chat window. Now you can choose the “Followers-only Chat” button. Hence, by doing this, you can allow only your followers to type comments in your chat. Interestingly, there is also a feature to set a duration on how long your follower must have followed your channel to comment in the chat. The channel owner can easily customize the duration and it can be, as short as 10 minutes to a long span of one month or even three months.

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Final words:

Streamers who struggle to increase the number of followers and viewers of their channel may find Twitch raiding very useful. The use of Twitch raid as a bidirectional platform where streamers can raid each other would be a nice act of kindness. Now you are all set to raid Twitch in a sweet gesture. Share this post with your friends who want to know about How To Raid On Twitch.

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