How to spoiler on discord?

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The Discord application is a free voice, video, and text application that is utilized by a large number of individuals aged 13+ to talk and spend time with their communities and loved ones. 

Individuals use the Discord application almost every day, to discuss numerous things, going from academics, projects, and family outings to schoolwork, and as mental health support. It is like a home to stay in for groups of any size, yet it is most broadly utilized by small and dynamic gatherings of individuals who talk constantly. By far, most of the servers are private, a welcome space for gatherings of friends and networks to keep in contact and get to know one another. There are likewise huge, more open networks, by and large, revolving around explicit themes, for example, well-known games, series, and movies. It is where people can act naturally and invest energy with others who share their interests and hobbies. There is no algorithm choosing what they should see, no perpetual looking over, and no news feed. Discussions on Discord application are driven by common grounds.

Discord and its place in society:

Discord application has become one of the most famous socializing apps amongst youngsters these days. Just like the other messaging applications and gaming applications, the Discord application has started emerging well. Every one of us wants everything to be perfect and the best, right? The discord application is the solution for you all. After a tiring day of work, all we need is some rest and people to share things about our day. Since technology has become the primary source of everything, everything happens with the help of digital devices. Open the discord application and get to know all the stunning features it has. Try exploring every feature and option the Discord application has. Explore each one of them and start using them. In the world of web series and online movie platforms, the discord application has made its way onto the top.

There are so many reasons why the discord application is chosen in abundance throughout the world. One of the reasons is the advanced and impressive features the discord application has. The discord application has a stunning feature. It helps you mark certain texts of yours as spoilers. For example, if you and your friends are discussing the latest movie released or recently published storybooks and you don’t want to reveal a major plot of the same. This is where the spoiler feature helps you. Now, when you mark your text or content as a spoiler, you can see your text covered with a solid block. You can see this when you try to send the spoiler message. Every user should tap this block to uncover the text that you have shared. In this article, you will learn the step-by-step guide about the discord application server and how to use it:

How to spoiler on Discord:

The process is unique and simple. If you follow the step properly, you can complete the process correctly. Let us see the step-by-step guide about the Discord application spoiler: Our guide will tell you the best way to mark your messages as spoilers in the Discord mobile application.

STEP 1: The first step is to type the content you want to be taken into account of spoilers.

Do not send it now.

STEP 2: Highlight the specific text you need to mark as a spoiler. 

Note: You don’t need to choose your whole message. You just need to choose the piece that contains the spoiler.

STEP 3: When you feature the chosen text, a menu will show up on the screen. On iOS, tap the right arrow (“>”) to see more choices.

STEP 4: Click the option saying mark as a spoiler

Step 5: Once you click on “Mark as spoiler”, the Discord application will automatically add the spoiler tag before and after the specific text that you have highlighted.

If you are on the receiving end of the message, you can open the spoiler message by clicking on it. This is how you must highlight the messages and spoilers in the Discord application.

How to spoiler on discord?

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Quick tip for the discord application users:

If you decide to unsee it, you can re-hide all spoilers uncovered by leaving the channel, yet remember, you can never unsee what you have seen.

Final words about the Discord application:

In conclusion, the Discord application is the best, when it comes to gamers. It has so many features and options that make the application more engaging and interactive. What is more important than reaching heights and engagements? If you have ever wondered what a real gaming application would be, with all the best features available, the Discord application is the right choice. If you still have not installed the Discord application, now is the time. Hurry up and download the application on your devices and start having fun, people! If you do not download the discord application now, you may regret it later.

Discord application is a source to recreate and create more memories with your friends and families. In this advanced world, everything has become advanced and modernized. Even the smallest games have so many features. Think about big games and applications. All the attractive features of the Discord application have been to attract more people and result in more engagement. What are you still waiting for? Isn’t it the right time to start enjoying the Discord application? Yes, it is! 

We hope, you understood this guide completely and now you can use the Spoiler feature on Discord easily. Share this post with your friends who want to know How to spoiler on discord. This post will help them. And visit again our website to know more new things.

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